Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Fools Day Camp

We are swinging into spring with good weather and good company!  We have many different people coming out to explore the natural world in our backyard wilderness.   

What is spring without playing in a dirt pile? 

Or celebrating the good weather by jumping onto a rock island…

Or making nests with nothing but materials you can find around you outside?

Which would you choose, to make a nest or wear one?  He chose the latter =)


We all were able to canoe around Will’s Marsh… Keeping an eye out for turtles!

This group caught two turtles; we passed around them around for a close encounter of the turtle variety! 

“You cannot prevent a young mind from wrapping around a natural object.”  

Posted By Becca Mathias, Big Sky Watershed Corpsmember at the Audubon Center