Monday, February 4, 2013

Beaver Fever!

A Nature Night Full of Strong Enamel

Beaver is the name, fever is the game.  We had a great group of kids out for Nature Night on Friday, January 8th to explore the watery, wood-filled world of the North American Beaver.  After an introduction to beaver anatomy and ecology we set off into the night on a beaver hunt.  We searched for tracks, beaver chew and lodges.  We found some beaver chew! 


After a cold, but exciting adventure out to Deep Mill Pond to look at the beaver lodges, we headed inside to let the kids walk in the webbed feet of a beaver!   

To wrap up the night we made some beaver puppets, each a different color and with very original names =)

~ Contributed by Becca Mathias, Big Sky Watershed Corpsmember at the Audubon Center

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